How to relieve pain from household burns and accelerate healing

Burns received in the home are often thermal or chemical. Domestic thermal burns usually occur as a result of boiling water, steam, or other boiling substances (such as fat, oil, soup, freshly brewed tea, or coffee) on the skin. Burns are also often caused by contact with flames or contact with hard hot objects (for example, a soldering iron, iron, hot deck, pan, kettle, etc.).

Chemical burns in the home can be caused by various aggressive detergents and detergents, which include concentrated acid or alkali.

Thus, both in the case of thermal and in the case of chemical exposure to the skin, tissue damage occurs and burns occur. It is important to remember that the speed of the healing process and the repair of damaged tissues largely depend on the correctness of first aid for burns.

How to deal with burns?

Immediately after receiving a burn, the person experiences sharp pain and burning in the affected area. Therefore, with this type of injury, it is important to eliminate the pain as soon as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to wash out the damaged site with a large volume of water at a chemical burn. In case of thermal burns, the damaged area should be cooled. For this purpose, the affected part of the body should be placed under a stream of cold water for at least 15 minutes (in case of thermal burns it can be placed in a container with cold water).

When treating burns, people often make common mistakes that can lead to increased burns, slow healing and complications. One of the most common mistakes that impair the healing of damaged skin is the application of vegetable or animal fats (eg, sunflower oil, cream, etc.) or fat-based ointments to the burn site. This is categorically impossible to do. In addition, the application of alcohol, soda, powders or starch to damaged skin also inhibits the healing process. Punctures formed as a result of burns of bubbles also negatively affect the process of skin repair.

Thus, proper first aid for burns and refusal to use non-intended for these purposes “folk” remedies will help to quickly get rid of pain and speed up the healing process.